ERNEST MANGU; Tanzania’s First Nyaturu Ethnic Group to Assume The Post of Police Inspector General.

President Jakaya Kikwete’s appointment of a new police chief from Nyaturu, one of the country’s remaining minority tribes would go down into history as one of the emotional choices.

Ernest Mangu, an undreamed-of, has become the Tanzania’s first member of the Nyaturu ethnic group to assume the post of Inspector General of Police on 1st January 2014, fifty-years after independence. He is the 9th IGP.

Born in 1959 and raised at Ikhanuda village in Singida rural-central Tanzania, Mr Mangu’s promotion undoubtedly came as a 2014 New Year’s surprise to the humble Nyaturu community by President Kikwete.

His mother, Mwanaidi Msengi, is an unsung hero who fought exceedingly hard in silence in late 1970s and early 1980s for Mangu to study. Upon getting the news, she shed tears of joy, recalling how hard she worked to ensure her son goes to school.


Many people assume that Commissioner Mangu was born in well-off family with a silver plate where everything was pre-prepared for him.

This is great mistake. In contrast, Commissioner Mangu fought his way up, making true the proverbial saying that one can rise from a humble beginning and seat with kings.

A brief tour of his background can exemplify how he overcame some pitfalls and made it to the top.

In 1978, pickpockets robbed his entire school fees and pocket money and consequently, he delayed to join Tumaini Secondary School located in Kinampanda, Iramba District, Singida region.

The terrible incident, which will take long to escape his and his mother’s mind, occurred shortly after they sold a cow on the livestock market in Singida urban. Thieves learnt about the sale and robbed him unsuspectingly.

This incident instilled in him the desire to protect people and their properties as it motivated him to join the police force.

He wanted to protect citizens, especially the poor from falling into the hands of the crooks who tend to terminate people’s dreams through robbing them of their valuables and hard earned savings.

Mangu, a little boy as he then was broken hearted as he screamed all the way home not knowing what would happen to his life.

However, no sooner had he arrived home than his mother began planning for his alternative means to raise funds.

“With limited options available to raise funds by then, I had to make a number local pots and sell them at the cheapest prices.  Thank God this option worked well and through that I raised money for his school fees and upkeep,” recalls Ms Msengi.

Educational Background
Mangu joined Moshi Police Academy on 17th August 1982 for basic police course and passed out in June 1983.

Way back in 1987, Mangu joined the University of Dar Es Saalam pursuing law at a certificate level. After having qualified later on he was admitted for a bachelor degree programme and graduated in November 1992 and conferred with LLB.

In June 2010, Mangu awarded masters degree in Security Affairs from the National Security Defense University of United States of America.

Before his appointment, Commissioner Mangu served as Director of Criminal Intelligence in the Police Force.

Commissioner Mangu is credited as one of the intelligent, eloquent and competent police officer, having served as criminal detective for a good part of his life in the force.